Kenneth is a architect astronaut, based out of Toronto, Ontario. Back on earth, he spends his recovery time playing foosball, drinking coffee, and browsing hacker news.

He finished his first degree in Archaeology in 2008 only to realize how much he loved computers. He knew he had “no choice” but to head back to school for a second degree in Computer Science. He has been helplessly addicted to software and programming ever since.

While in school he paired up with his former archaeology department to produce different works including ArcticIQ, a web based application geared towards the preservation and transmission of Inuit word meaning, and Fort Conger, a maquette that was successful in securing funding through VMC Canada. He also enjoyed plenty of time at Aquanode, a small Calgary based dev shop.

In 2013, he leaped straight out of university and directly into Bridezillahq, a startup geared towards disrupting the wedding market. He spent 14th months there as CTO before deciding that the wedding game wasn’t his style. He is now on the lookout for his next big adventure. You can reach him at for opportunities and inquiries.